Interview with Jet Leyco (2015)

Here’s the long awaited interview with director Jet Leyco, who has found the time to answer a few questions while preparing his new film. This interview kicks off my new project on Philippine cinema and you can find all necessary info on that on my new blog

The next post on this website will hopefully come either later this week or next week. I have something in my head, but I’m not yet entirely sure how to word it. So be patient with me, please 🙂

Philippine Independent Cinema

Just after I reviewed his film Leave it for tomorrow, for night has fallen (2013), I asked Jet whether he was willing to answer a couple questions. He’s been busy preparing his new film, so this may come a bit late. Nevertheless, I’m immensely grateful for Jet to have taken the time and it’s a superb start to this new project. I hope that his new film makes its way to Europe in future.

NM: Leave it for tomorrow, for night has fallen – What’s the meaning of the title?

JL: It all started in my childhood, I used to ask my mom what happened to my grandparents. She always answered “bukas na lang sapagkat gabi na” which translates to “leave it for tomorrow for night has fallen” or something like, sleep now, let’s talk about it some other time. A harmless dismissal to evade my question, but it foreboded…

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